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Figment’s staking platform now regroups several major staking projects

By Inkarias - 2019-12-10

Figment’s platform is glad to announce that Livepeer, Tezos, Oasis and Skalewill be joining the Hubble community, bringing the total to eight leading Proof of Stake (PoS) networks. Figment’s Mission is to improve and increase the crypto end-user adoption across the world.
Figment’s vision is to enable the adoption, decentralization, and usability of stake-based blockchains. The different partners have trust in Figment to take on responsibilities that must be decentralized. To accomplish this mission, the team offers protocol users a comprehensive set of tools and services, including enterprise-grade staking services and the multi-network Hubble staking platform. As new PoS based protocols launch, each with their own unique value proposition, it’s critical that they develop and grow their communities and ecosystem participation. This starts with node operators who produce blocks and provide network security.

The Hubble Community is growing

Last week , the team has shared that four leading PoS protocols will be joining Hubble in the future, with more to be announced as soon as possible. Hubble is the only multi-network platform where users, such as node providers, token-holders, and other service providers, can interact with the leading PoS blockchains. Figment has added a combination of customized validator analytics, events/alerts, governance tools, and rewards reporting for these four networks. Hubble is designed to be the ubiquitous data and tool set for all of a network’s participants. Hubble provides historical and live data about and across PoS networks. Token-holders, using Hubble, can also directly stake with their chosen node operators and easily participate in network management and governance. Hubble is the cross-network data source and tool designed to empower users possibilities and incomes through an innovative solution.
More detail on Figment can be found directly on the official website at https://figment.network/