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First (official) DogeCash voting.

By Rafał - 2018-11-20

DogeCash core team announced that first platform voting will be held from November 22nd to November 25th.


This is a huge milestone for our project and we are more than excited to get the platform development going. So we hope that you all participate into choosing the path that will define the future of our much loved DogeCash!

DogeCash voting
Source: DogeCash discord channel

There will be three options to vote that will determine the nearest future of this project:


1. Subscription-based Sponsoring Platform which will be professional tool for content creators. User that will decide to sponsor author will have access to his exclusive content. 


2. Trading Signals Platform. That will be professional tool for selling cryptocurrency signals. On this platform every trader will build his reputation based on accuracy of his signals. Traders will be paid when every time when their signals will be successful.


3. 100% Audio-based Social Media Platform with at least two sections. "Stories" section for normal users where they will be able to post 10 second updates about their activities and "Studio" section for professional content. Popular hashtags will be replaced by new concept called audiotags.

Detailed explanation of every option you can find at www.dropbox.com.


Visit http://gov.dogec.io/ and follow the instructions to vote from desktop wallet.