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Flinecoin found guilty of faking team member’s identity

By Rafał - 2019-02-09

A professionalised outlook with legit information on the team working behind it is a crucial step to gain the trust of crypto community and ensure the growth and development of the project in the long run. A project is usually judged whether it is a scam or not based on the experience and legitimacy of the team working behind it.


The reputation of Flinecoin has taken a great hit as the project was caught using fake identities for its team members. "lovesmayfamilis", a bitcointalk user researched and posted about this on the forum and attached names of people whose identity was stolen and used by Flinecoin. Thus, accusing Flinecoin of being a scam project. Many negative comments followed the thread and the community was really disturbed with such act.

Fline photo
Fline photo2

In the clearance, Trevor (CEO of midas.investment and co-founder of Flinecoin) posted on the forum that it was a big mistake adding fake pictures to the part of the team and it was done just because the team members were fixated on staying anonymous. He further continued that the project and its trading bots in the core are no scam and the fake pictures were just to gain reputation, community attention and investors in the early stage and will be deleted from the website. (Link to the forum thread can be found below)


Also, an official statement was made from one of the fline dev stating that is was entirely his fault and he was responsible for convincing the team members to find and put up fake names and pictures on the website to gain considerable first investors.

Fline statement

Been working with Fline, question were also raised on the legitimacy of Midas and its reputation paid toll too. As a result, Midas made an announcement on the next day stating that it will be taking over the Fline Project and will be in full control of its website, discord, blockchain and even its funds. All the team members of Fline project were kicked by Midas except @Whirlwind (Fline CEO), the creator of the trading bots that are said to provide 6100% ROI.


As it’s said, “Trust takes years to build, seconds to breaks and forever to repair”, I don’t think community will ever forget about this act and will be able to trust Fline Project anytime soon.


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