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Fresh PIVX website change based on community suggestions

By RafaƂ - 2020-11-06

The PIVX team recently made a strong announcement of a complete overhaul of the official site changes largely chosen and advised by the entire community to improve the look and feel of the website and its use. Since its inception few years ago, the PIVX project has built a solid and supportive community toward a proof-of-stake consensus, incentivizing investors to hold the currency for the long run. Despite a lot of competitors, PIVX remains a pioneer and a leader in privacy-preserving financial transactions on blockchain technology.

Changes to website and logo

The new website has been designed and worked for a long time to look like what the community asked for. With this in mind, all the work done around these changes has been driven from insights from community members, updating the known brand with a fresh new logo and visual imagery. Furthermore, the team added an elevated focus for its product offerings including an on-chain treasury voting system, cold staking, tier 2 masternodes, and more. However, the name will be kept as original, namely PIVX. PIVX ambassador and lead director of business development Jay Kim shared that:

The PIVX project has greatly evolved the cryptocurrency realm, being a gold standard for proof of stake development as well as a pioneer in privacy since its inception nearly 5 years ago […]What was initially designed as a simple privacy-focused cryptocurrency has transformed into a more expansive ecosystem and pioneer of rights persevering functions. The PIVX brand completely embodies our technically-innovative capabilities and the sentiments of our community”

The new PIVX website offers an easier access to PIVX’s services across the network such as privacy-preserving and censorship-resistant communications and the ability to generate basic income through ownership of PIV.

More details about the new website can be seen at https://pivx.org/