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GameGrid A Revolutionary Gaming Platform For Launch

By Jofor a.k.a. Cyberczar - 2019-04-14

Game developers have long discovered the power of blockchain as a technology that secures games from interference of third parties and have since leveraged the tech. The recent announcement of Chief Strategist Adam Matlack and Richard Nelson of ionomy highlighted this when they announced that GameGrid would act as a game developer’s dream in the quest to utilize blockchain.
According to the duo, GameGrid would make game builders focus on what they do best while ionomy would play the part of bringing simplicity to platforms through integration. The partnership would have the overall effect of bringing more people to gaming platforms.
Some of the features and integration available on the GameGrid platform are Gamecloud support used in data management and gaming assets. An integration provided by Unity3D API which makes for a smooth usage with plug-and-play feature.
Ability to accommodate cryptocurrency incentives on game consoles and crowdfunding ability right on the Gamegrid platform. Although these seem modest, the release stated that this is just the beginning of many features being built on the platform stating that additional features would be added.
In a similar development, PocketNode, the portable platform that allows you to run a Masternode hosting app has announced support for ION Masternode. PocketNode android and iOS versions would soon be launched making the dream of utilizing your phone as nodes a reality.
PocketNode is another innovation that pushes the limits of hosting just as ShareNode did when it was launched last year as fractional shares of masternode reward that is tradable.
PocketNode uniqueness is that it enables all interested in running masternodes and earning passive income to do so on secure networks with simplicity. This is coinciding with the implementation of the ION improvement protocol #4 meant to give greater block reward to operators with long-term commitment.
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