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Gentarium Implements New Shared Masternode Fee

By Rafał - 2019-05-13

The Gentarium team has announced the implementation of a new price regime for its shared masternode .
The announcement stated that the two tariffs shall soon come into effect. The first is a fixed payment which would be made using the GTM coins with a small fee for using the platforms shared masternode system.
A second tariff comprising a fraction of the incentive from the hosted assets which average range is from $2.5 to $4 for 100 percent monthly allocation.
The release stated that users are free to choose the tariff that best meets their needs highlighting that until recently, the second tariff has been the routine.

$GTM shared MN system update pic.twitter.com/HCKI0wRD0L

— Gentarium (@GTM_Gentarium) May 12, 2019
The first tariff structure which is already in development comprises the use of GTM coins in payments. The second will see implementation on Monday (today) for all the platform’s shared nodes.
The fee which shall be deducted from the coin rewards will fluctuate from day to day but would still be within the $2.5-$4 range for 100 percent monthly allocation.
The release said that the exception to this rule is SINS in which the fee may fall below the 2% fraction. The percentage earning in USD will be determined by the price of the coin in the market. Since this changes daily, we should generally expect a range bearing 2% in mind but the dollar equivalent will still be $2.5 -$4.