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Gentarium registered company in Estonia.

By Rafał - 2018-10-11

Gentarium announce on discord channel that they are incorporated now.

The company was registered on October 11 in Tallinn, Estonia. Full name of GTM company is Gentarium International OÜ. Company registry code is 14584878. It is Private limited company (like LTD in UK). Estonia is not the best but very good place to start company related to cryptocurrencies. A lot of people call this country E-stonia. Great example of that is Internet access that is guaranteed in the constitution! Almost all official matters can be settled without leaving your home.

This is great news for all GTM masternode owners and platform users. Gentarium was one of the best hosting platforms and now it can be the best. 

This is the printout from Commercial Register which GTM shared on their discord channel:

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