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Masternodes for everyone! Gentarium review

By Rafał - 2018-09-21

Gentarium is a platform for masternode investors that do not want or do not know how to set up their masternodes at VPS. At Gentarium platform you can make it in just few clicks.

Coin Specs

Block time:60 sec
Max supply:14 191 200
Premine:40 000 (0,3%)
Masternode collateral:1000
Gentarium rewards


Almost every week we can find new project with main goal "We want to create masternode hosting platform". Not all of them are legit projects and many of them will never succeed. Success of Gentarium platform is indisputable.


First of all Gentarium International OÜ company is registered in Estonia. In masternodes "space" a lot of projects are still unregistered and have no real responsibility. A lot of similar platforms are making money and still not register a company. Why? Ask them, maybe they do not treat it like a serious business. This project is different.
So, how Gentarium works? If you have no idea how to do set up a masternode you can use Gentarium. All you need to do is follow few simple instructions on the website and few minutes later you will have a masternode. Just like that.
It is easy, fast and safe. It is also little more expensive. At one VPS for $5 per month you can have few masternodes. At Gentarium you can choose one of three plans:
  • daily: $0,25
  • monthly: $4,99
  • monthly with quarterly payments: $3,99
So, if you pay for three months in advance you can host there one masternode for $4 per month. VPS is cheaper but you need at least basic knowledge to use it. However, one thing can make using Gentarium cheaper than VPS or even free. You can set up GTM masternode and pay the fees from the rewards. Let's say it is "free".
The other feature on the platform is shared masternodes service. If someone can't afford full masternode this is great for him. There are two types of that service. First is shared masternode where user need to wait until masternode collateral is full. Other one is Instant masternode where you are earnig immediately after deposit.

GTM Coins

GTM have something that a lot of masternode coins will never have. Use case. No matter which masternode coin you want to host there, you need to pay for it in GTM.
This is great for the value of this coin. The prices on the platform are in dollars but the only payment method is Gentarium Coin. The biggest coin value the smaller fees. Of course, it works both ways... All depend on demand.
There is also something that unfortuanately you can't find anywhere but discord. 2% from shared masternodes rewards are used to buy GTM on the exchanges and burn part of them. You can find that transactions on the discord channel.
Gentarium buy back coins
The best in GTM coins is that they have real value. The demand will be increasing and supply will be decreasing because of new masternodes and burning.


Gentarium is registered company. The team is and always has been transparent. Unfortunately on the website they are not introduced as they should be. There are no Linkedin profiles and there is no CEO? Of course we can check who registered company but that kind of info need to be on the website.


What can I say about premine?:
1. premine is only 0.3% of total supply, 40 000 coins.
2. There is only short info about it on bitcointalk:
This is definitely not the best info-graphic i've ever seen but it is quite clear.


Roadmap is over. At least we can't find other one. Full roadmap you can find on the website but there is nothing more there. Stages 1 and 2 are very basic. I do not know is it the first version but in Stage 2 we can find "More detailed roadmap".  Is this that more detailed roadmap? I hope not.
Gentarium is one of the best, or the best platform. Real company, great hosting prices, nice support and use case for GTM. They lack some informations on the website but overall that is probably one of the best projects that you can invest long-term.
This is not financial advice, do your own research before you invest!




Masternode colalteral is 1000 coins. How you can set it up? Use gentarium platform! You can pay for it from rewards and you will have free hosting.
At the moment of writing this review daily income from one masternode is about 5 GTM. At current rate after 3 days you can pay for 3 months of hosting! The rest is your profit or you can cover other masternode fees from that.

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