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Gentarium swap details

By Rafał - 2019-01-23

Gentarium is one of the biggest masternode hosting platforms. After few not successful 51% attacks on the Gentarium blockchain, devs decide to change algo and go for POS/MN instead of POW/MN. Now they are ready to start swap. The new GTM will be distribiuted on 30.01.
To swap all users have to fill form on https://swap.gtmcoin.io before block 131750 which will be mined probably on 28.01. After that all transactions on the old chain will be invalid!
New Gentarium wallet
New Gentarium wallet
Of course, before you will be able to swap your coins you have to download new wallet. It is already available on https://github.com/genterium-project/gentarium-2.0/releases/tag/v2.0.0.
Remember to create password and backup first!

How to spap?

This is the guide from Gentarium discord channel:
Step 1 - Download Gentarium V2 wallet
Step 2 - Go to Receive Tab in new wallet and click on Request Payment - copy the address generated
Step 3 - Open the swap form - https://swap.gtmcoin.io/ - On the form, input your email address and paste the address generated from the new wallet. Complete Captcha and click submit
Step 4 - An address is generated on the right hand side of swap form. Go to your old GTM wallet and send your balance to this address. Make sure to unlock coins in order to send balance.
Step 5 - Wait until 30th of Jan for swapped coins to be paid out to address generated from V2 wallet