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Gentarium to Reduce Coin Emission Rate to Stabilize the Price

By Rafał - 2019-03-05

The price of GTM has been quite unstable recently. According to Gentarium team, the reason is its high emission rate which has resulted in dumping and has lowered the demand. Therefore, Gentarium has come up with a solution of reducing the emission to attain price stabilization.
According to the calculations, reduction of coin emission by approximately twice (by 50%) will restore the balance between supply and demand with current price. With decrease in emission, the ROI will decrease too but its better to have less coins will some value rather than many coins with negligible value.
Gentarium 3 months chart
Gentarium 3 months chart
Gentarium has asked all the GMT owners to participate in the voting and help make decision which will be best for its future. Weight of one’s vote will depend on the quantity of coins the person is holding, 1 coin = 1 vote. The emission will not necessarily be reduced by twice, the coin holders can calculate and opt for the option most suitable to stabilize the price. Although, regardless of the vote, Gentarium will significantly reduce PoS rewards.
To cast your vote, visit https://mn.gtmcoin.io/voting