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GIN celebrates its one year anniversary

By Rafał - 2019-02-25

GIN platform mined its first ever block exactly one year ago completing its one year anniversary on 23rd Feb 2019. As a gift to its users, GIN has laid down its vision and plans for the future. GIN platform will be focusing on GEA protocol and Freighter Network in the coming time and will solve the problems related to value limiting inside ecosystem and decentralization.
The GIN Freighter Network will enable GIN masternode to work even on networks other than its own network, thus generating more value to its platform and creating number of use cases such as data mining, machine learning, decentralized networking services, creation of distributed and decentralized supercomputers etc.
GIN has pinned down a list of the things that it plans on achieving in the coming years:
1. Private Alpha Freighter Network (20 nodes) running test workloads
2. Public Beta Freighter Network.
3. Hosting of Masternodes as workloads on the Beta Network.
4. On-chain Protocol implementation, market regulated price of services
5. New types of workloads and third party providers (DAMs)
GIN has not provided the exact time when all of this will be delivered as it depends on the complexity involved and the response.
GIN in its blog has also stated that the share nodes no longer seem feasible for the involved parties and are less promising compared to GEA. So, they will no longer focus on the share nodes for the time being. The detailed reasons behind dropping of share nodes can be read here
The GEA protocol will be regulated to the GIN foundation which will be headed by Mr. Spenser Mooney (Spoonzuz). As proof of concept for GEA protocol GIN foundation is looking for 20 masternode holders (10 with nodes on other platform & 10 with nodes on GIN platform). Older masternodes will be given higher preference over newer once. The form to apply for the alpha program which is scheduled to start on 3rd march 2019 can be found here
More information on the same can be found on GIN official Medium Blog:
Read about GEA protocol and Freighters Fleet in GINcoin Freighter Fleet Whitepaper:          https://docs.GINcoin.io/whitepaper