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GIN-compatible PolisPay cards at beck and call

By Rafał - 2018-12-20

Gin and PolisPay have been working together on GIN-Integrated PolisPay cards to provide hassle-free experience and speed and liquidity for transactions done using GIN cryptocurrency. As result of this, GIN-compatible PolisPay cards have been created by Polis which took around a week to get minted and about another week to smooth out some issues with the Polis — GIN integration.


Gin in its latest post on Medium said, “we spent GIN to buy gin in a supermarket”. Adding to this statement, they said that it was no different than using any other credit or debit card. Gin also made a tweet about the same and recorded a video of the event.

"You can't buy pizza/ pay your phone bill with crypto"
"Ok, ok, but can you trade your crypto for a Christmas present for your kid?"
To all of these, we say... We just bought a bottle of gin with GIN. On a brand new @PolisBlockchain card.https://t.co/pwqChl0V6P pic.twitter.com/6Z1GHrxYmr

— GIN Platform (@gincoin_crypto) December 19, 2018

Gin is willing to test the Polis system and is set to distribute the 100 ready GIN-compatible PolisPay cards. When the time is right, Polis will let the community know how to get their hands on those cards. The cost of each card is set at 25$.


At the end, Gin has added that at the time of its writing, Polis is complaint with Mexican law and isn’t GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) ready. Thus, Gin is in no position to guarantee its safety and data security.


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