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Gin Foundation Registered in Netherlands

By Rafał - 2019-03-20

Gin Foundation was registered in Amsterdam, Netherlands on 18th March 2019. Gin Foundation will focus on advancement of its platform, technology and coin. Its mission is to promote and make GIN and GEA, protocol and code globally trusted, recognized and used.
Gin Foundation has been created with following objectives in mind:
  • To educate, promote and spread the word to people about GINcoin and its standard protocols adoption.
  • Advancement and research of GINcoin and GEA protocol and its blockchain infrastructure.
  • Marketing and partnership initiation with other blockchain projects to enhance the technology and increase the usage of platform.
The foundation will be headed by Mr. Spenser Mooney (aka Spoonzus).
For more information, visit Gin official website https://gincoin.io/