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GIN platform API is now available

By Rafał - 2018-11-25

GIN announce in their series of articles "This week in GIN" that IN Platform API (Application Programming Interface) is now available.
This will enable the developers to provision and manage nodes on the GIN platform programmatically. Docs can be found here  https://docs.ginplatform.io/. This is the starting point of the GIN Platform docs, which will be the central place for all technical information and developer oriented materials.

Other updates

GIN platform now supports multiple languages. GIN Platform currently supports English, Romanian and Russian language while Spanish, Italian and French are still in work.
Latest coins added on the GIN Platform are Dash Green, Castle, Crown, Market Arbitrage Coin and Zenzo. Currently, Gincoin is at 5,612 masternodes (updated number can be checked on the platform) and is estimated at 0.00036576 BTC.
Gincoin is now listed on Delta Direct (crypto portfolio app with powerful information on prices, charts and a stellar UI for managing portfolio). Now you can receive latest updates on GIN directly on Delta app.
For more information visit: