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GIN platform changes. New masternode hosting type.

By Rafał - 2018-10-26

When GIN announce that they are incorporated, VAT was only a matter of time. Now we have it. 


GIN is changing few things on their platform. First change is new server type. From today we have two types. Dedicated node and Cloud Node. Dedicated node is what we had earlier, every masternode is hosted on a different server. Cloud Node is a new type of hosting on GIN platform. You can host masternode on three times cheaper server but it is not dedicated just to one masternode. On this type of server masternodes will be hosted among others, sharing the same IP. Cloud Node costs $4,5 per month before tax. It is way cheaper than Dedicated Node but you can not set up every masternode  there. That bigger ones, like DASH for example, still require Dedicated Node server.

GIN node type

Another change is price of the Dedicated server. GIN decide to lower the price of Dedicated servers to $12,5 per month, of course before tax.  In United Kingdom standard VAT rate is 20%, so after adding it we have the same price as before, $15 per month.


Cloud node price is $4,5 before tax, so the real price is about $5,3 per month. 


Remember that all prices exclude VAT.


More about changes you can find at https://medium.com/@gincoin