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GIN Sets Its Foot into Gaming Industry and Gets Listed on Crypto Hunter

By Rafał - 2019-04-22

On 20th April 2018, GIN announced that it has ventured into the gaming industry and has been listed on Crypto Hunter.

$GIN has now ventured into the gaming industry and is now listed on Crypto Hunter created by @SatoshiCoin_ !

Please see a sample video around it's gameplay and check an Apple Store or Google Play near you by the end of April.https://t.co/kpc7oPBao0 pic.twitter.com/NHMYzxz68I
— GIN Platform (@gincoin_crypto) April 20, 2019
Crypto Hunter is a mobile application developed by Swyft (SATC coin) which has been created with intention of delivering education content, sharing community app/videos, helping users’ setup masternodes and other tools. All this will be delivered through a gameplay which will help connect businesses to the community efficiently. The gameplay will show resemblance to the previously existing famous game ‘Pokemon Go’, the difference being that users will collect denomination value of each coin in AR gameplay instead of collecting pokemons. This will not only bring forth growth in community but also help educate people about the listed coins and project. It will also provide masternode stats for the same through a https://masternodes.online/ API to keep track and stay updated.
Crypto Hunter is expected to be live and fully functionable by the end of April month. The application will be available for download on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.