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Horizen celebrates its 3rd anniversary with a community event

By Rafał - 2020-05-26

As both the Horizen community and project have been growing, building, and evolving together successfully for three years until now, the core team of Horizen recently announced their wish to thanks the community for their continuous support, work and all the good words shared around the project vision. In order to compensate the community in that way, the team also shared their wish to involve the whole community in the celebration of this new special event. Every potential participant is welcomed to join the 2020 ZENniversary contest to celebrate with the Zen community these three years of hard work with the possibility to earn some great rewards along the way.

How to participate in the event

The first step to join the contest is to create a unique entry: The entry can either be a video, a picture, a piece of artwork, or anything creative that could fit with the “Happy 3rd Anniversary to Horizen” theme. The second step to do is to share the new creation on Twitter, Facebook, or on the official Discord #General channel before May 31st last delay to be counted into the participant list.

Note: Users must tag @HorizenGlobal and use #ZENniversary2020 on Twitter and Facebook, or @Horusfeathers | Marketing #0323 on Discord to enter the contest.

Prizes details

The event will be rewarding 6 persons in total:

  • 1st place winner: $50 in Horizen store credit
  • Two times 2nd place winners: $25 in Horizen store credit
  • 3 times 3rd place winners: $10 in Horizen store credit
The Top 15 entries will be selected via a team vote and the winners will then be selected by community vote. Community voting will be held from June 1st-4th with the winner being announced on official Horizen blog.
More details about the celebration contest at https://www.horizen.global/