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Horizen Enhances Its Node Tracking System

By Rafał - 2019-03-04

In the quest to streamline its node tracking system, the Horizen network has released a new set of guidelines for node operators.
The deployment of these changes which took effect on March 1 was to ensure that staking nodes no longer circumvent the payment system.
The release stated that the prior network node tracking system would no longer be in effect. It alerted operators on the compliance processes required to make sure that expected payments are processed by the network.
NodeTracker V0.4.0 Takes Effect
The new guidelines which affect both the Secure and Super nodes stated that:
Staking addresses are not permitted to be changes more than once within one payment cycle. When operators change such addresses it wouldn’t take effect until the next earning period.
The statement made it clear that the staking address that would be paid would be the one in effect during that payment cycle.
Staking Address Rules
It further directed operators through the process of changes to staking addresses highlighting the fact that there are regular updates each operator should take cognizance of.
The release stated that the process of detection of multiple IP addresses tied to a node is now more robust across board. It made clear that nodes found to be tied to the same IP would create exemptions that affect rewards.
Possible Error Message
The notice noted that the implementation may result in error messages related to securing connectivity between the server and the node but explained that this is the result of the connection not completing correctly.
However, the error should clear in a short period based on trials. The statement added that the issue is under investigation. One of the measures employed is increasing the number of retries before exceptions are created. The effect of the assessment would determine if the team increases the number of retries.
Concluding, the statement maintained that the process of changing a staking address is the same. This entails running the staking address on the node or editing it on config.json file. The new address is automatically submitted to the server when the Nodetracker is restarted.
Addresses with Zero Balance
The new changes in the system implied that the network accepts a balance of zero on a new address since the operator would not have the opportunity of changing the address until the next earning cycle. The new address could be funded prior to the beginning of the next payment period.
Operators should note that a pending request to change staking address would invalidate a new attempt. However, they would receive a message alerting them why the change couldn’t be made.
The new system also has an inbuilt mechanism to correct staking address changes submitted in error.
For more visit: https://www.horizen.global