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Horizen first sidechain node is running on Devnet

By Rafał - 2019-08-15

Horizen, launched in May 2017 and formerly ZenCash aims to build an innovative technology platform with optional privacy features to provide people with freedom and everyday usability. In short, Horizen SDK will allow developers to build a completely customizable blockchain ( also called SideChain) using Horizen’s node network , Zen token but also all the privacy features. In fact, privacy features are important for everyday applications and services. Users seek this confidentiality at all costs when using services for their daily needs.

The First Sidechain Node – A major evolution

As previously announced on the roadmap, the Horizen team is glad to announce the first Sidechain node is up and running in the ecosystem. This announcement is an important step forward in Horizen’s transition toward offering robust Sidechain services to a wide range of developers and businesses. By achieving this objective, the next objectives such as Horizen’s Sidechain SDK and Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol come closer to completion.
You can directly learn more about sidechains here: https://blog.horizen.global/horizen-sidechains/
The team plans to publish series of blog posts and videos which will keep the community updated on all the progress in the future steps. They recently offered a preview on the first sidechain node:

Sidechain components

After more than 7 months of development led by Horizen’s R&D Director Alberto Garoffolo , the first Sidechain node is finally out and allows to integrate independent node components while ensuring that they work as planned.
The Sidechain Node consists of 4 independent elements, maintained, and aggregated together by NodeHolder software component:
- State: which controls the list of unspent outputs
- History: contains all the blocks of Sidechain and validates them through Sidechain Consensus
- Wallet: contains Node related secrets (like private keys) and balances
- MemoryPool: like in ZEND contains transactions that can be included in to block
This release allows the team to work on testing the Sidechain network and develop more features and fixes to make it more stable for the long term. This first Sidechain Node also allows to develop complex integration tests for different workflows.

Year-end roadmap

In the next couple of months, the API will be reworked to interact with the sidechain and the team will also be spending time building the backward transfer functionalities on the mainchain. Extensive testing and bug fixing on the delivered code are planned before the official release. Finally, the end goal for the beginning of Q4 2019 is the Sidechain Alpha, which will allow developers to build applications with customized transactions and custom business rules depending on their need and their businesses.
To learn more about the whole Horizen ecosystem and the implemented vision , you can visit https://www.horizen.global/