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Horizen introduces Zendoo, a Zk-SNARK verifiable cross-chain transfer protocol

By Inkarias - 2020-02-10

Horizen has recently presented another innovative and groundbreaking proposal in its latest whitepaper: Zendoo, a universal construction for Bitcoin-like blockchain systems that allows the creation and communication with sidechains of different types without knowing their internal structure.
Zendoo enables decoupled and decentralized sidechains easily and securely. Zendoo allows the creation of fully decentralized blockchain applications with the possibility to introduce the specific logic and data to address any kind of need. For instance, a sidechain using the recursive composition of zk-SNARKs, can construct a succinct proof of state transition virtually for any number of transactions. With the usage of SNARKs in sidechains, it will also be able to create auditable and data privacy-preserving applications to address real-world use cases. The Horizen Sidechain solution allows developers to build their blockchain system that benefits from the mainchain’s infrastructure with all the associated security and technologies without inheriting the mainchain’s limitations such as speed or predefined consensus mechanism.

Zendoo and Latus vision

The core team of Horizen believes that the value of sidechains as a scalability solution is still undiscovered, and seeks to develop this area more widely. The latest Horizen whitepaper introduces Zendoo, a universal construction for Bitcoin-like blockchain systems that enable the creation and communication with different sidechains without knowing their internal structure. Moreover, with Zendoo, the sidechain may not even be a blockchain but can be any system that uses the standardized method to communicate with the mainchain. The paper also provides a specific sidechain construction, Latus, that leverages zk-SNARK techniques to establish decentralized and verifiable cross-chain transfers.
More details on the new whitepaper and this innovative solution can be found on the official site at https://www.horizen.global/