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Horizen Q2 review and updates

By Rafał - 2019-07-02

In the crypto currency field, it is important to update the community with the information regarding project’s evolution and long-term vision. The lack of communication within this sphere is often a major drawback to invest in several crypto projects. Horizen , formerly ZenCash, shared a preview related to their Q2 2019 development and upcoming updates.


The Horizen team worked hard on sidechains and discovered a way to enhance the overall performance. With an expected alpha release in Q3 2019, this will allow enterprises and small businesses to build blockchain-based applications on top of Horizen Infrastructure, bringing more use-cases and driving mainstream market adoption of blockchain technology and ZEN. This model will bring a new solution for the community with the income associated to the node operators.

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Furthermore, the Sphere App (a multifunctional app that allows people to take control of their privacy and finances) received some new features such as a new batch withdrawal, batch split, and import of Arizen and Swing wallets to improve user experience.

Business Development

During this past quarter, the team worked toward further market adoption by adding ZEN to three new exchanges including the well-known exchange , Coinvest. In the mean time, the team has established a strategic partnership with Horizen Labs. Horizen Labs is an independent blockchain technology company that enables developers and businesses to launch product and service-specific sidechain deployment tools on top of Horizen’s public infrastructure. This partnership is a major milestone for Zen as the team is expecting to welcome more companies onto the sidechain in the future once the official release date approaches.


Horizen Global Merchants
source: https://blog.horizen.global
Horizen team members received a lot of exposure in this previous quarter from a lot of different sources. Rob Viglione , co-founder of Zen was featured on sites like Nasdaq, Investing.com, BlockTV and the team was also interviewed on Proof of Love Cast, Beards and Bitcoins and more.
The team has released the new merchant directory making it easier than ever for users to find businesses that currently accept ZEN as a payment method and increasing the usability of the currency.
In order to provide the community with a way to stay informed and get the latest updates, the Zen Team created the Horizen Live Stream Recap featuring our Country Manager, Angie Villarreal. The videos are short recaps of the monthly live streams. The Country Manager, Jonas Rubel, also added more to bring information for the community on latest choices and evolutions of the project.
More details at https://blog.horizen.global