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Horizen Sidechain alpha

By Inkarias - 2019-10-30

Horizen, a distributed blockchain platform for decentralized applications composed of a network of masternodes(formerly known as the ZenCash project), has recently announced a huge step towards its objectives specified on the roadmap : Horizen Sidechain Alpha, and a reintroduction of Horizon with a fresh reworked whitepaper. The white paper details information on the Horizen general purpose blockchain system with the Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol (CCTP) which allows to develop an entire network of side chains in an unlimited and fully decentralized way (The new version can be found here: https://www.horizen.global/assets/files/Horizen-White-Paper.pdf).

The Horizen system now consists of the main Horizen blockchain with ZEN token, and decoupled side chains under constant development and offering the possibility to generalize it.

Horizen Sidechain

The Horizen engineering team has designed a unique sidechain solution that allows developers and businesses to quickly and cost-effectively create their own blockchains. As the team shared earlier last week:

Horizen Sidechain Alpha is the first milestone in achieving our vision of creating an application rich environment that will bring blockchain benefits to life, including privacy and decentralization. Horizen is built from a community with a strong ethos of privacy being a natural right”

The system architecture allows to develop any side chain with custom characteristics and rules. The main purpose is to check if these rules have been followed and to provide a common value to the end user. Horizen has also launched Horizon Developer Environment (HDE), a project to promote open source software development from the community, as well as non-code related contributions to the ecosystem of the Horizen blockchain to improve general performances.

If you are looking to learn more about the Horizen Sidechain , Horizen Co-founder Rob Viglione and Director of R&D Aberto Garoffolo have presented a very explicative video on Youtube (video above).