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How to make Masternode space more professionalized?

By Rafał - 2019-05-19

Dash is the first masternode coin. It was created when most of the coins were using Proof of Work consensus. It was something new and dfferent back then. Of course, Dash is also PoW but second layer of Masternodes forges a huge part of its network. DASH was always one of the top cryptocurrencies on the market.
Presently, i.e around 5 years after DASH was created we have over 500 masternode-based cryptocurrencies. Some of them are based on Masternode-POS consensus and some on Masternode-POW consensus. Although, the best rewards come from running a masternode and not from staking or mining (as in most cases).

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Cryptocurrency market full of "shitcoins"

Current cryptocurrency market is filled with "shitcoins" that have no real life applications and hold scam as their only intent. At the moment at Coinmarketcap we have 2179 coins listed and on CoinGecko 4620!
Unfortunately masternodes are no different. Every day when I sit in front of my computer I see new project pilling up one after the other that are in no manner different than the 100 others already out in the market. In most cases new projects offer huge ROI to encourage people to invest in them. But how most of such projects end? Dead, with no real value or application.

Still big market

Only few coins among the hundreds out there are offering a working product or some real use case. Unfortunately most of projects are not (and will never be) successful. But still masternode market is worth over $2 billion and even with over 60% DASH dominance the market is still full of money and new investors that are intersted in earning some passive income through masternodes.
There are a lot of great projects based on masternodes that can provide you passive income, but how to stay away from scams, useless coins, abandoned projects etc? I saw how people were buying dead coins because ROI were still high... I saw how useless, scam and unprofessional projects had successsful presales. How to fight and avoid such projects? How to make the masternode space more professionalized?

How to get rid of scams?

It is not an easy task because you never know which project will be successful and which will not. It is sad when everything looks great but after few months the team leaves the coin hanging. But that abandoned/copied projects and all other type of shitcoins can be avoided by investors, especially by the new investors who hold none to few expertise in the subject and can easily be fooled. How to do that? By not promoting them.
Of course when someone is buying ad or listing on one of the popular stats sites, most of the sites don’t decline them or do background checks. Why? Because they are here, as all (or most) of us, to make money. But some coins should never even be listed or should be delisted when they do not meet the necessary/required standards.
Probably the only site that has the necessary stardard requirements for listing and lists only those coins that look professional is our new partner MasterNodes.pro. They also delist those coins immediately who’s team has stopped working and the project is no more showing any sign of development .

Premium lisitng site

To be listed on MasterNodes.pro coins one has to meet few necessary requirements. Some of them are basic like being a masternode coin, open source repository, operational block explorer etc. But unlike others, MasterNodes.Pro require more than just basic data. Like direct and open line of communication with devs where they can talk to them and check if they are still active. Also, coin must have an official announcement. Furthermore, the projects must have a working website with all the information about the project, coin and it's purpose!
What’s interesting is that this kind of lisitng policy means that MasterNodes.Pro resigns from "easy money". They could have had way more coins listed (more coins = more profit) if they just accepted all of them without any requirements. Their mission is not simply to make money but also fight against scam and ponzi projects.
MasterNodes.Pro Top 10
MasterNodes.Pro Top 10 masternodes
MasterNodes.pro can be termed as a premium listing site. If you have discovered any coin listed there you can be sure that its devs are active and the project is properly being worked on.
Of course no guarantees are provided that the coins listed on MasterNodes.Pro or any other site will be successful and bear profit in the coming time. But you can be sure and confident that most projects listed on our new partner site are active, developing and are offering more than just a ROI.
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