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Interview with Tolgahan Bozkurt, Co-Founder of NodeHub.io

By Rafał - 2019-12-29

Hello Tolgahan,

Thanks for taking time to receive me for this interview. I’ve been looking to introduce you and your products to our readers for a long time.

First of all, can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

First of all, I’d like to thank you for this interview. I’m happy to be here and expose ourselves to your readers.
So, this is Tolgahan, an entrepreneur from Turkey, a crypto enthusiast and Co-Founder of NodeHub.io platform. Nothing more to say.

Can you explain us your vision about NodeHub.io and what problem your platform is aiming to solve?

Back in 2017, I was a cryptocurrency investor and Dash was one of the first coins I came across. Later my investment on Dash, I also heard about masternodes and started digging. Those were the very early times of crypto, I’d say and there was not much information that would help anyone to get their nodes up and running easily.
I setup and run my masternodes myself but the idea of creating NodeHub was lighted that day.
A year later, NodeHub was born with the aim of solving the same problems I’ve faced when I first got into masternodes.
For most people, it’s really hard to get into masternodes and not everyone is a tech-savvy person. So we thought people would need an easier solution for this and created NodeHub.
Even though NodeHub.io is a commercial business, idea of creating it came from helping the people.

Your business requires a certain technical knowledge in order to be managed successfully. Why did you choose the crypto sphere over standard market sectors to develop your vision?

It was back in 2012 that I heard about cryptocurrencies and somewhat involved. 5 years later, I decided to take it into a serious level and became a crypto investor and enthusiast.
The more I involved in crypto as an investor, the more I started to see the needs of crypto space. It was as pure and empty as a new-born and there were so many opportunities to build things that can actually help people in this crypto world.
So that’s when I decided to be more involved and help with the mass-adoption of crypto.
NodeHub Deploy Masternode
NodeHub.io Deploy your masternode in 3 easy steps

Since 2018, the crypto market has seen a lot of movement, mostly down. What are your current thoughts about the current market and how do you think it will be in the next year?

It’s not the best times of crypto, that’s right but they went through the same situations throughout the years and it always came out in favor of it’s investors at the end.
I believe in crypto and we’ll see some great days ahead.

The bear market has been hard for several competitors. Gin, then Snode are closing down all their services and some others might follow. How is your platform performing in that current market state? Is that downtrend hurting your business income, more specifically, do you have the ability to cover all your fees and generate some profits?

It’s sad to hear those news and we feel sorry for them. Those projects were run with great people behind and we wish them a good luck in life.
Downtrend affects us all unavoidably but it is our responsibility to take less damage from downtrends.
NodeHub.io is built on a scalable and on-demand infrastructure that makes it impossible to not be able to cover it’s expenses and generate profit.
With that being said, yes, NodeHub.io is able to cover it’s expenses and generate profit. In fact, it’s able to do that regardless of the market’s trends thanks to it’s on-demand structure.
So everyone can be sure that NodeHub.io is not and will never be going anywhere.

Can you share more information about statistics? How much users do you have? Is that number growing?

NodeHub.io is currently hosting around 3500 masternodes with 192 projects supported.
Due to current market conditions, we are not growing much right now but we’re not going down either.

Can you explain us what operations or actions decided the current pricing for your services? How can you manage to make the difference when some competitors such as Trittium offers lower costs for the same services?

Our platform is built on an on-demand infrastructure and it uses Cloud servers from around the world rather than large servers on certain locations that some of our competitors are choosing to go with.
One of the main reasons behind our decision of building the infrastructure on the Cloud came from the decentralization of the cryptocurrency networks.
This infrastructure allows us to run the nodes on different locations spread around the world therefore supports the hosted project’s network in honor of decentralization. However, this infrastructure limits us at some point in terms of expenses so we can not go as low as said competitors.
As much as we love competition, we also love to support the blockchain rather than being a commercial business with only money in mind.
We believe pricing shouldn’t be a competition tool but the features should.
NodeHub Pricing

As crypto is evolving fast, service providers must be always on top of innovation. What features do you have in development that you can share with us? Anything interesting to increase the passive income for your users?

This is actually the perfect time for asking this question. We are working on many different features and tools and some of them will be able to help increase the passive income of our users while still keeping the trustless structure of our platform in place.
After all, our users are investors and they would like to get the most out of their investments. And we are here to help them with that.

Also, a question about security, if there been any hacks attempt, why NodeHub is better than other platforms against it? Do you have any innovative system preventing that kind of attack?

We’ve had some unsuccessful hack attempts over the time, for sure. We are actively working on safety of our platform and the nodes to keep our users’ income as high as possible.
But if there were any successfull hack attempts, it wouldn’t left much of an impact since our platform is built on a trustless infrastructure.
Since we don’t hold any collaterals, our users’ funds are always safe in their local wallets.

A question to help our readers choosing a platform. Why is NodeHub.io better than other competitors?

Best part of the NodeHub.io is it’s friendly support that really listens to their members and help them with any issues they may have.

Thanks for the time you took for this interview. Do you have any word you want to share with our readers?

Thank you for this interview. It was a pleasure to expose ourselves into your lovely readers and also meet you guys over on Masters of Nodes.
Happy new year!
NodeHub Logo
NodeHub Logo
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