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    $1,646.193B 5.04%
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    $1,167.241B 2.64%
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    $143.075B 2.64%
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    $3.319B -0.91%

Introducing a new Partnership!

By Rafał - 2018-11-27

We are pleased to announce a new partnership between Masters of Nodes and DACH COIN.
DACH COIN Limited is an officially registered company in England and Wales. It is the company where the brands DACHEX Crypto-Tracker and DACH Exchange are a part. DACHex Crypto Tracker is the ultimate platform to keep track of crypto market and prices. It has a clean and user-friendly overlook, contemporary design, awesome features, and continuous updates. Dachex offers a lot of great services like coins and ICO's lisitng, marketing, masternodes managment or even blockchain development. More about it you can find at Advertising Media Kit.
This partnership will provide yet another outlet for Masters of Nodes news and information.
DACHCOIN and Masters of Nodes share similar interests and will strengthen each other’s ties in the blockchain community. One of the common interest example being ‘BlacerTV’ which is sponsored by both Masters of Nodes as well as DACHCOIN.
Website: https://www.dachcoin.live