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Ionomy adopts ION as official payment method

By Rafał - 2019-02-14

According to Ionomy their cryptocurrency ION is perfect gaming coin and key to ionomy's mission which is: Changing the way games are made and played.
From now all transactions on the Ionomy platform can be made in ION, without any fees or in other cryptocurrencies, but that payments will be converted to ION anyway at market price on the Ionomy exchange.
All spending on the ionomy platform now drives demand for ION. ionomy still accepts payment in any currency, but now every payment in BTC gets converted to ION through market buys to complete the transaction.
The transactions will be transparent and handled seamlessly in the background. As we can read in the official announcement there may be a slight price advantage to paying in ION. There will be no commission charged for buying ION from the market.
That change also will help ION's volume, especially Ionomy exchange volume. At the moment it is only 0.03BTC...
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