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ION’s Token Testnet release, officially available to the public

By Rafał - 2019-08-11

The public Token Testnet release is the sign of a new future and era in ION development. ION's token system is an addition of the Atomic Token Protocol (ATP). ATP makes ION the first cryptocurrency with a cross-asset reward system and also the first cryptocurrency from the Bitcoin Family ( the addition of all coins forked from original Bitcoin Core code) that allows unmediated ownership and transfers.
You can directly test it at:

ATP and its features

ION developed the Atomic Token Protocol for its strenghts. ATP is powerful, secure, and completely extensible. The team will introduce more details about ATP and its capabilities in the ucoming times.
The team still shared some of the features included with it:
User-friendly and intuitive
It's easy to create, send, and receive tokens The testnet version requires a little more research in order to use the command line. Future versions will feature familiar graphic user interfaces built into the wallet. The ionomy platform, too, will offer an easy-to-use interface to help users.
Complete Transparency
Users can verify at all time how many Dark Matter (XDM) testnet tokens exist. The blockchain is also available to be edited to prove the chain is safe and that none can mint more ATOM testnet tokens.
Control & Security
ION tokens give owners control over their tokens. They are able to export private keys for addresses that hold tokens (like XDM and ATOM), then import the key into another wallet.
The team has described ATP at:

Token Creation

The testnet sandbox is the perfect place to play around and create new tokens since it’s free. Users are able to create their own tokens to test the different features and how the whole ecosystem works.
From this release, the team is looking for the community to contribute to the development by giving and sharing feedback in order to solve user interface problems and improve the end product for example.

The future for ION

Over the next several months, Ionomy will be rolling out plenty of token news, XDM airdrops, and ION code releases. ATP offers to XDM an independent deflationary model while working on sustainability , making it possible to charge fees in Dark Matter (XDM) to create new tokens.
ATP also facilitates the distribution of XDM fees to ION Masternodes and ATOM tokens, creating a lot of new use cases for the ecosystem. The simplicity of the system allows anyone without any technical knowledge to create new tokens on top of the ION blockchain.
You can learn more about the ION ecosystem here https://ionomy.com/