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Is SexyCam a Scam?

By Rafał - 2019-01-14

To be clear, I am not calling SexyCam a scam officially. Do your own research and make your own decisions!

There is a presale of new masternode coin called SexyCam. We will not focus on their roadmap, team or product here, we are going to focus on their website and discord channel because there is a chance that SexyCam could be a SexyScam...


Of course, I do not know it, maybe it is great project but SexyCam team copied website and wallet design from Altbet Coin. You can compare these two sites by yourself. Visit https://altbet.io and https://www.sexycam.red.


Be aware of that because SexyCam presale price is huge. 0.75BTC per masternode collateral which is only 1000 coins. Why is that bad? Check "Overvalued" section in our article about presales here.

What is Altbet
What is SexyCam
What is SexyCam

Coincidence? Maybe. So, let's look at the wallet download section:

Altbet wallet
SexyCam wallet

or Coin specs:

Altbet coin specs
SexyCam coin specs

From what I know SexyCam wallet is also the same as Altbet's. I can't check it by myself because I am not going to risk and download SXY wallet to check it.


There are more similar sections but I am not going to paste full websites here...

Discord bans

Maybe I would be able to believe in this "website coincidence" but discord bans to people that ask about it (e.g. Altbet dev!) are clear to me. Someone is trying to cover it up? Looks like it.


What SXY dev told about it? "All our graphics are original content of @CCC3". Yea... I am not so sure about that. 

Altbet dev was not aware of this and Altbet project is not related to SexyCam. They did not have any permission to copy whole Altbet website and wallet design. Of course, almost all masternode coins are DASH or PIVX forks but it is not about wallet or coin sepecs. It looks very weird as if SXY devs did not want to lose time to make their own website and wallet design? Why? They are going to develop Sex cams platform but they can't make their own website? 


Maybe it is just very weird coincidence but to be honest I do not believe in it. You can do whatever you want with your money but I definitely do not invest in SexyCam project.