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Is this the end of Stakecube?

By Rafał - 2018-10-27

This is really, really bad news for all Stakecube users. Last time we inform about hack that happen to SCC coin which was released by this platform devs, but the situation is way worse than we thought.
Unfortunately there was a lot of coins affected by this hack. Coins that were stolen are: BITG, BND, BWS, CCC, CFL, DASH, DEV, KYD, LGS, LPC, NAV, PHON, PIVX, PRJ and ZEST. Value of stolen coins is about 13BTC!
This is really weird and sad situation. There is no information about how it happened. This is not only one or two hacked coins but 15.
There is also "good" information. Only coins in pools that were staking was affected. If you had any coins in shared masternodes they are fine and you need to withdraw them from the Stakecube platform by this form: https://goo.gl/forms/T2OYXoMmuUzLLsr92.
For now all wallets are still disabled.
Also, according to dev announcement Stakecube will be closed! As he sad, "at least at current form".
There is still little hope that all users can receive their coins back, but to be honest do not count on it... Devs inform German law enforcement about this situation and provide all information needed.
According to this situation there is an important question now, what if German police will not be able to do anything? The only fair solution seems to be covering all users loses by the devs. 13 BTC is a lot but there is no other way to get back trust.
That was one of the best pools and this is very sad that something like this happened.