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John M PIVX Quarterly Proposal Submission

By Rafał - 2019-07-09

PIVX is a DAO (Decentralized, Autonomous, Organization), and as such the community decides how PIVX evolves, with funding given to projects proposed and voted on by the community. The community has the power to act as governance for the entire network and be actor of the PIVX future. Treasury Governance proposals are the most common and are for allocating funds in the monthly treasury budget. These funds can be used for anything related to support PIVX. It may be overhead costs for servers, or Google Apps etc., or it may be for advertising, or to help launch a business that could not be justified otherwise. Every task or idea to improve the PIVX network is welcome. This proposal arrives with a monthly cost of 6000 PIVX for a 3 months duration.
John M., PIVX’s Director of Business Development: Bryan Doreian shared his quarterly proposal for Business Development for the upcoming period and a synthesis about what have been done in the last cycle. The current status is still Pending Submission as the proposal hasn’t been submitted to the network yet.

Previous Cycle updates

The last cycle has been mainly oriented on exchanges and wallets. PIVX has been added to 3 different size exchanges: Kucoin , OOOBTC and BiteBTC in order of generated volume. The different partners were informed about updates making sure all of them are up to date.In the meantime, PIVX has been added to Cobo wallet for saving and staking and to TrustWallet (Binance’s official mobile wallet). John.M brought some information regarding the PIVX adoption and exposure. The PIVX team attended a prominent event in Toronto which ended up leading to 3 huge things for the future including a great news that PIVX was added to a new online store in Canada. Finally, this past cycle has been really important with the formation of the PIVX Foundation. This has been a bunch of work in verifying contractors and donation recipients, doing due diligence, keeping minutes of meetings, getting payment information and liaising with the SDG Impact Fund.

Upcoming updates

In the next cycle, John M wishes to continue on the same path and add PIVX to several new wallets and exchanges and bring new opportunities through interviews and podcasts. He also plans to hold negotiations with a site where you can buy gift cards for crypto. Finally, 2 main objectives for this quarter are talks with Aircoins for augmented reality crypto geocache drops and maintaining the PIVX Foundation.