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Kalkulus masternode hosting platform "TheHub" v2 is live!

By Rafał - 2019-06-20

After several months of hard work, the Kalkulus team is pleased to announce the newest evolution of their masternode hosting platform “The Hub”.

Technical improvements

The entire interface has been reviewed and redesigned for the best user experience. The look of the platform including the graphics layout interface and the disposition of the main services have all been completely remodelled. Some other changes include an easier management of instances and services. On the main page, users can now find a widget acting as internal exchange.

Kalkulus Certificate of Incorporation
TheHub is now incorporated

The platform now has two different sections: “Servers” and “Services”. After the activation of each server, users can activate inside servers for up to 3 different services, for example, masternodes, Staking Box and COMA Nodes. The only limitation is that services deployed inside each server have to be from different blockchains.

Kalkulus 2 services
Kalkulus 2 services

The launch of TheHub offers to customers an higher level of customization for their chosen servers, through the new “Developer mode” feature developed by the team.
With this improvement, both developers and users with enough technical skill can now not only develop their own masternodes, but can even enter inside their VPS and configure servers. The ecosystem will also offer a decentralized node infrastructure for dApp developers who need node services, including a small fee in crypto.

COMAnodes: controlling masternodes without client, also from mobile.

COMA is the acronym of Clientless Onsite Masternode and is a cloud full node hosting system, hybrid with Staking V-Box, that allows the users to go through the process of masternode deployment in a clientless way, directly from inside The Hub! COMA solves the need to have access to a desktop wallet. The system is completely safe and secured by 2FA. Technical details about COMAnodes are available on the Kalkulus Whitepaper:

How to migrate to TheHub V2?

After logging to their account, users will see a message like this:


“After clicking the button “Migrate Now”, the process will start immediately and require few seconds to transfer all the data and balance to TheHub V2.”

Finally, a popup will appear to inform that the migration process is successfully completed! The last step is to check e-mail (even spam) and follow the link to reset the password, a mandatory step to secure the account. Once the password update is done, users will be able to access the new version of the platform, with all their old instances and servers under a total complete new graphical interface.


You can find more information about the project on https://thehub.host