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Komodo project launches Community Portal Campaign

By Inkarias - 2020-02-03

The core team of Komodo is glad to announce a territorial expansion for the Komodo community through the new forum-like environment launch. To spread the news about this release across the community and the whole crypto sphere in general, the Komodo team has launched a 10-day bounty campaign open to everyone.

Bounty Overview

The Komodo group has allocated a total pool of 3000 KMD in prizes to be distributed to the campaign winners. In order to be able to participate, all investors must join the Komodo Community Portal, then complete campaign tasks to earn entry tickets into the prize pool lottery. At the end of the campaign, the team will randomly draw tickets to choose the different winners.
The reward pool will be divided for 40 winners with a special one for the first. The first prize is set to be 777 KMD while the thirty-nine other prizes will be at 57 KMD each. The competition will be organized directly through Gleam platform to ensure the fairness and the possibility to verify the tasks done. The Komodo bounty can be found directly at https://gleam.io/voeqw/komodo-platform-community-portal-bounty and investors can already start to achieve the different tasks against tickets.

Why a new portal?

The main objective of the new portal is to accelerate community growth by providing more value for the community as a whole and by easing the learning curve for all the newcomers. It will also help to build a culture of peer-to-peer community support and start documenting all the valuable information into a growing knowledge base.
With this new release, Komodo aims to increase the adoption of Komodo technology by building a stronger open-source developer community while supporting the growth of the Komodo ecosystem by bridging people and projects closer together.
More details on this new portal at https://komodoplatform.com/