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KuCoin launches 2020 LockUP program

By RafaƂ - 2020-01-02

To fit the vision adopted for 2020 and further, KuCoin is continuing its pursuit of finding and supporting blockchain projects with real potential uses cases for real adoption and for the crypto community. Therefore, to satisfy the project recommendation requirements of the community users as well as promote and enrich the project ecosystem on KuCoin, the KuCoin LockUP program will be launched within the next few days and will allow investors to develop a new type of passive income.

The organization of the program is pretty simple and whole details about this new event will be announced separately during the next week. In short, in the specified time period, users can participate in the LockUP project incentive program and lockup assets on the KuCoin platform to obtain project incentive shares according to the rules of the event. There is still an innovation with the possibility for projects to participate in the program. For these kinds of entities wishing to take part in the LockUP program, KuCoin's normal token listing process is still required, and the trading services will only be opened after passing the complete review process to ensure a minimum quality. This verification process is done by the core team and Kucoin who will kick out of the event the fraudulent or undeserving projects, ensuring the best for the community of Kucoin.

More details on this upcoming program at https://www.kucoin.com/