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KuCoin Launches Beta Version of KuCoinPlay

By Rafał - 2019-08-17

The KuCoin team recently announced that its latest project KuCoinPlay has a beta version. The essence of the project is to enable users of the platform to support blockchain projects that they find interesting through an interactive and enjoyable fashion.
Users will be rewarded for their participation with several gifts available to be won. To win the prizes, the participant must be among the top players in the competitions.
KuCoinPlay is creating publicity for the project by sending out several invitations to users in an ongoing awareness campaign and the coin community is advised to stay tuned for more invitations and announcements regarding the new platform.
Presently, several contests are available, these are PundiX, Nimiq and Bolt which have prize pools of 19k FX, 4 million NIM and 750k BOLT respectively. Others are Spendcoin Nix and KuCoin Shares which have 710k SPND, 41 NIX and 5k KCS respectively.
The new platform which is a play and win easy to use interface would likely draw more users to the KuCoin project and interesting blockchain project for support and adoption.
Official website: https://kucoinplay.com