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KYD Announces Release of Its Remodelled Website

By Rafał - 2019-02-27

Know Your Developer (KYD) has released its revamped website with: number of updates, improved user-friendliness and better viewing experiencing. A simple and professionalized outlook has been provided to the new KYD website and all the information has been updated including wallets, partners and links. The roadmap has also been divided into number of phases to better highlight their advancements.
KYD roadmap
KYD has also announced that the launch of its platform has been postponed due to recent activities concerning wallet updates and chain swap which consumed their focus, time and effort. To boost the development of its platform, KYD has brought Cryptonaldo onboard.
KYD has planned to release the alpha version of the platform in early March, Beta version in early April and the final version is set to release in the month of April after the testing in Beta is complete and everything is up to code. New updates to verification process are also in transition and will be implemented soon.
To checkout KYD’s remodelled website, visit https://kydcoin.io