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KYD swap details

By Rafał - 2018-12-18

After 3 weeks of waiting it is finally here. KYD swap is live and will last 2 weeks until December 31. 


Old and new wallet can run in separate folder however, always before wallet updates and swaps BACKUP your wallet.dat file! This is first thing that you need to do. 


To swap your old Know Your Developer coins go to https://swap.resqchain.org

How to swap?

1. First backup your old wallet.dat. 

2. Download new wallet (you can find it here), synchronize it, create password, backup and generate new KYD address, it should start with "Y".

3. Register at https://swap.resqchain.org 

4. Add new pair (choose KYD ofc). 

5. Add KYD to your account by clicking green plus sign. 

6. On the pop up screen you have to input your NEW wallet address. 


The last step is to click on the "Swap details" and send old KYD to deposit address.

KYD swap by RESQ

After 100 confirmations your old KYD coins will be visible on the page and will be queued up for
swapping. The swapping process is executed once every 24 Hours.


All masternodes must be stopped and re-built. More information and full guide "How to swap" you can find on KYD discord channel.