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Last 3 months progress in PIVX

By Rafał - 2018-11-24

PIVX recently published quarterly update on their website. We can read about progress that one of the biggest masternode projects has made for the last three months (Sep/Oct/Nov).

Techincal updates

zDEX launched its Public Alpha test version in the first week of November and is preparing for the stress-test. The open beta, which will shift to mainnet and real currencies trading will begin shortly after the stress-test. Full release is yet to be announced and will kick in once dev’s are sure that the platform is functioning flawlessly without any bugs.
Zerocoin revision of android wallet which is being developed by @furszy is almost ready. It will be using new in-house, light-wallet-specific Zerocoin protocol called Light Node Zerocoin Protocol. It’s simple and fast. Its quick working demo can be found at discord channel #lightwallet.
Long ready PIVX iPhone wallet is finally going to be listed on the Apple App store and a new release of the core wallet is on its way with performance updates, UX/UI updates and some other improvements.


@Fuzzbawls and @furszy spoke, and @jakiman and @ziscad represented PIVX at Seoul Korea Provenance blockchain event on 20th November. LATAM PIVX Ambassadors @ONeZetty, @Cacalillos [Colombia], @JaoquimF, and @SeismicSoft represented PIVX at Blockchain Summit LATAM 2018, Bogota meetup and more.


PIVX is currently working on improving its official website presentation and ANN graphics. It has been doing limited marketing for now and are more focused on improving their standards and overall image in the market. PIVX is working on press release and press videos. Other marketing sources being used by PIVX are twitter, Reddit and Steemit.

Other updates

PIVX team is working hard to get PIVX listed on more exchanges and are trying to build relationships with projects like NUMO and Vendible (payment focused projects) to widen their influence in the market. Attention is also being given to website graphics, support designs, whitepaper translations and other small details.
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