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Learn about Blockchain and Crypto world through Horizen Academy - A Free Educational Resource.

By Rafał - 2019-03-12

Today, Block Chain Technology have masked an extraordinary volume in the crypto market. People need to understand the concept of crypto world as coming world is about digital currencies. The whole information is important for the individuals who might want to remain in the front of the 4th industrial revolution.
A great news for those who have interest in the blockchain technology or want to learn about it. Horizen is coming with the launch of Horizen Academy- A to educational platform on blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and privacy for everyone.
Horizen Academy ensures that everyone can learn about these topics, regardless of their comfort level and experience, for free. People who are new to this world can get more about it through Horizen.
According to horizen, ”Education is important in the journey of bringing the blockchain technology to everyday life. If people don’t understand what crypto is and how it works, then they won’t use it”. Horizen believes in providing free content and knowledge to all.
Horizen consensus
Horizen academy
All the content on their platform will be so simple and knowledgeable that can suit to all new comers to get more and more knowledge.
Currently Horizen Academy is available only in English but in the coming future there will also be present as Chinese, German, French, Spanish, and Italian. For more enquiry and knowledge, you can visit horizen website. Always keep on update with fresh content at horizen.