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Lightpay Coin at Future of Blockchain Conference 2018.

By Rafał - 2018-09-25

From October 10 to 13 in Dallas, Texas there will be Future of Blockchain Conference. This is first it's kind  blockchain technology event featuring technologists, business, colleges and gaming.

Future of Blockchain Conference

One of main sponsor of this event is Microsoft. Lightpay coin and Logis Coin are Tournament sponsors.

Lightpay Coin is sposoring e-sport DOTA 2 tournament which will take place on October 13. Players are able to win prizes valued at over $1500 including money, gift cards and gaming accessories.

Dr. Damon Bryant, co-funder and CEO of Lightpay Coin will be representing both LPC and LGS coins at this conference. The "Masternodes: Light Pay Coin Use Cases" presentation will take place on October 12.  Dr. Damon Bryant will describe masternodes in general and their unique characteristics as compared to traditional cryptocurrencies. 

This is next big step for this coin which still proves that LPC is one of the best developing masternode projects. 

More informations about Conference and Lightpay Coin you can find on futureofblockchainconference.com/ and lightpaycoin.org