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Lisk integrates Trezor hardware wallet with 1.22.0 version

By Inkarias - 2019-11-05

Lisk, a well-established platform for decentralized applications allows developers from any horizon to create their dApps on sidechains using the most popular programming language in our modern society, Javascript.This is actually a huge step forward because one of the biggest problem the industry has seen in its infancy is getting developers up to speed with new programming languages and grasping the granular codebase of already existing blockchains. Lisk is seeking to be a platform provider for dApps with its own network, which makes it very similar to Ethereum and Tron as we know it today, but offering its own unique and innovative features. The main objective shared by the team back in september 2019 was the integration of Trezor, (TREZOR is a Bitcoin hardware launched in 2014 offering secure cold storage plus the ability to spend with the convenience of a classic hot wallet) and the team has finally reached that step.

#Lisk Hub 1.22.0 is out – it includes support for the @Trezor One hardware #cryptocurrency wallet (fourth major device supported). Download it here: https://t.co/52kUgp59Pn

PS: With the next release, we are dropping ‘Hub’ in the name. Our desktop app will simply be called Lisk.

— Lisk (@LiskHQ) November 1, 2019

V1.22.0 updates

This new version pushed by the team in this early november is mainly focused on Trezor One hardware wallet integration and the addition of a new screen to verify signed messages (The usage of this feature is to prove ownership of the account without having to send tokens.) This is a major update to allow the whole community to use hardware wallets within the LISK ecosystem. The rest of updates is related to some minor fixes/releases :

  • Promotion of the anonymous analytics plans
  • Review and Revision of the hardware wallet detection and interaction logic ( to accompany the implementation of trezor wallets in an easy and secure way)
  • Addition of a support for Swiss franc

All the information regarding this release are available on the LISK home page at https://lisk.io