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Loki Messenger Alpha , a new secured and encrypted way to communicate online

By Rafał - 2019-06-06

In 2019, privacy and confidentiality are two of the major commitments promised by the adoption and daily use of crypto currencies. Many projects focus their policies and developments on ensuring flawless security to ensure the best possible experience for users and customers.
With this in mind, Loki is a privacy network that will allow users to conduct transactions and communicate privately over the Internet, providing a suite of tools to maintain maximum anonymity when browsing , transacting and communicating online. Loki is pleased to announce the installation of Loki's next hardfork, Hefty Heimdall, including several features:
  • Service Node Checkpointing
  • Loki Storage Server (Loki Messenger messages on Service Nodes)
  • Internode testing (Blockchain and message storage)
  • Loki Messenger alpha release
In order to allow users to test these updates, the testnet binaries will be released on June 26 until the mandatory upgrade period starting July 10. The Hefty Heimdall hardfork will happen on July 24, with Checkpointing enabled but not enforced and this feature will be enforced on September 12 to completely prevent double spends after 12 blocks of confirmation.
Loki hardfork timeline
Loki Messenger is the first Loki Service to be released and won’t have all the privacy properties that shall be added to the final version later. This first version is an opening to bring users to test and give feedbacks about this solution and will be the first ever system which enables users to achieve both online (Synchronous) and offline messaging (Asynchronous) in a fully decentralized, redundant and scalable way.
The encryption used in Loki Messenger ensures your messages are only readable by you and the person you send them to. You can find more information about these security features here: http://www.alexkyte.me/2016/10/how-textsecure-protocol-signal-whatsapp.html
The Loki Messenger doesn’t connect to a central server like other messengers but to groups of cooperative Service Nodes, “Swarms”, that  store your messages while achieving a high rate of redundancy, avoiding any losses of message even offline. To learn more about the complete processes, you can visit: https://loki.network/2019/06/05/hefty-heimdall-4-0-0
Loki messenger alpha offers a new way to communicate online, ensuring the best performance and security for its users while offering a solid use case to connect blockchain technology and the Loki messaging solution.
Official Links :
Website : https://loki.network/
Community Discord : https://discordapp.com/invite/67GXfD6
Twitter : https://twitter.com/loki_project
Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/lokinetwork