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Loki Messenger integrates a new multi-device solution

By Inkarias - 2019-11-21

Loki Messenger now features and allows cross-platform multidevice support, allowing users to benefit from the utilization of the same private key across different devices while maintaining a high level of security and privacy. However , as this multidevice support is currently only in early alpha phase, the setup process is less streamlined than it will be when the real feature will moves out of alpha for real production. The steps outlined in this guide helps to avoid data loss or other adverse effects when setting up multidevice for the Loki Messenger systems.

First and secondary devices implementation

With the current state, Loki Messenger only supports two devices per account: a primary and a secondary device. This is only a temporary limitation imposed by the team. In the long-term, future more than two devices will be able to be connected to the same account. To get started with multi-device, users need to start by deciding which device must be the primary device, and which will be the secondary one.
This implementation brings a simplified messenger utilization with account sharing method while ensuring the same level of security for the users. A same private key can be used with several accounts on different devices and ensure the integrity of data.
Mandatory requirements:
Primary Device: A device with Loki Messenger downloaded, installed and set up.
Primary Public Key: The public key from your primary device generated by the Loki Messenger.
Secondary Device: A device with the Loki Messenger installed but not initialised to a key.
If users have Loki Messenger installed on both devices and they both have their own public keys already, it is important to delete one public key (effectively deleting one of the Loki Messenger accounts). This device will thus become the secondary device.
Guide: https://docs.loki.network/LokiServices/Messenger/multi_device_setup/
More details about LOKI at https://loki.network/