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Loki wallet release and updates

By Inkarias - 2019-10-28

The Loki team has been listening to the feedback from the community and has noticed a potential issue in the previous wallet version regarding masternodes. Thus, the new wallet v5.1.3 has been released to fix a bug that can cause Service Nodes to get stuck. This release also includes Loki Storage Server v.1.0.8.

The new loki launcher and all the associated binaries are available at https://docs.loki.network/ServiceNodes/SNFullGuide/#updating-your-binaries and the guide to upgrade smoothly is directly published on Loki’s official docs https://docs.loki.network/ServiceNodes/DebianPackageGuide/#upgrading

Loki v.5.1.3 is out NOW!

This is a strongly recommended upgrade which fixes a bug that can cause #ServiceNodes to get stuck.
It also includes Loki Storage Server v.1.0.8. ?
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Loki Launcher: https://t.co/XvfcYHVzFb
Debs: https://t.co/2pVgDA6zlx#LokiNetwork pic.twitter.com/5jHN6jvMZX

— LOKI (@Loki_Project) October 28, 2019

Recent updates

During last week, the Trusty Tyr Hardfork enabled Service Node checkpointing in the whole network. The team has chosen to begin to work on LNS and, in that way, has already finished a Blink pull request which has most of the changes needed to send and receive Blink transactions while fixing various known bugs.

Several updates have also been added to the existing system/features within Loki’s ecosystem ( we won’t introduce all the changes in details but the complete list of updates can be found at https://loki.network/2019/10/28/weekly-dev-update-72/):

Loki Core - Blink:

The team has prepared a massive PR including most of the required changes for Blink transactions while starting to work on LNS. Furthermore, blockchain pruning has been completely disabled.

Loki Net:

The last week has been mainly focused on finding out and fixing bugs and deploying a new internal testnet for the current dev builds. There’s a great addition (in PR activity below) enabling traffic prioritization, which should enable better performance as network traffic heats up. The team is also working to re-architect how the Lokinet daemon runs, which will make the way the binary runs more secure. The various updates will serve for the release of the next version.

Loki messenger for desktop and mobile and the Loki storage server have also received several updates increase overall performances.