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LPC/LGS partners with CoinLogiq

By Rafał - 2018-12-04

From the beginning main goal of Lightpay Coin was to provide ATMs where cryptocurrencies users will be able to buy and sell their assets. Partnership with CoinLogiq was made to help LPC achieve this goal.

CoinLogiq is Colombia based Cryptocurrency-ATMs manufacturer. They want to help increase crypto adoption across the world. 


CoinLogiq’s focus is to design solutions for entrepreneurs that generate revenue and assist in driving viral adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Xchainz which is the managing entity of Lightpay Coin and Logis Coin enters into strategic partnership with CoinLogiq. Lightpay Coin is already in partnership to a lot of companies and services and their biggest partner is probably University of Central Florida.


As we can read in the announcement from Q1 2019 LPC ATMs will be available for public purchase.