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Important: LPC merge proposal

By Rafał - 2019-02-14

Patch LPC chain and move on? Fork LPC and LGS into one blockchain? Maybe fork 3 blockchain's into one? Community decides.
Last days were very busy for LPC and LGS. After whole "drama" with these coins old dev "Pirrlokk" or Wladyslaw Hintsynger now is the time to decide what next. Damon Bryant, LPC Council, worked hard behind the scenes and prepare first proposal for the community.
6 pages proposal contains 3 main options. Check full proposal here.
Option 1: Patch the LPC chain and keep on’a truckin’. First option is probably the easiest to implement but maybe not the best for the future of LPC and LGS projects. Just fix "fake stakes" issue and move on with all that LPC and LGS is planning. Pretty much nothing change in both projects, except main dev ofc.
Option 2: Fork LPC & LGS into one blockchain. This is little more complicated. There are no details yet about new coin specs, swap ratio or almost anything related to new blockchain but as we know about that there will be another proposal, if that option will be accepted. As we can read in the proposal "(...)combining LPC and LGS will consolidate available resources, and will
enable the team to focus on one project rather than two". 
Option 3: The Case to Fork 3 or more Projects. LPC, LGS and SATC. The most important benefits for investors that decide to choose that options are: Immediate use cases for all LPC holders (Hosting platform, Crypto-Hunters mobile app or Authenticate ™), New developers, New chain free of recent Pivx exploits. Of course LPC and LGS use-cases of ATMs, Point of Sale devices, and a Logistics Tracking Platform will continue development as planned.
Which proposition wins? Community will decide but fork is almost sure. However, which fork wins? 3 projects (or more) in one or LPC and LGS merged into one blockchain? One is almost sure, the new coin would retain name "LightPayCoin"  No matter what happen LPC is here to stay. This is the most important news to share.
More about Lightpay Coin you can find on new official website https://lightpaycoin.io and new discord channel.