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Luxcore Announces 2019 Roadmap Progress

By Rafał - 2019-03-28

The crypto winter has slowed down expectations for new projects while the older ones are aware that investors are looking up to them to meet obligations despite general disenchantment towards the coin market.
Being aware of this, the Luxcore team on March 27 made a publication stating what the project has already accomplished, what is being worked on an a general overview of what is to be expected in 2019 in terms of work on the roadmap.
The release which showed the expected time-frame of each of the features being worked on is a detailed action plan showing the long-term work of Luxcore developers such as the LuxGate and parallel Masternode Network.

Block Explorer

Some of the updates related to the past week according to the release shows that the Luxcore block explorer has been developed in-house from the ground floor up. It added that the developers are adding new interesting features to enhance performance as would be seen when the explorer is unveiled by the end of Q1.
The release stated that an explorer module meant to monitor on-chain token transaction on the Luxcore blockchain would be added in Q2 of 2019. It further maintained that the Luxcore team would take advantage of the feature-rich explorer to generate revenue for the network which will be positioned as a leader in the industry.

Web and Mobile Wallets

LUX mobile wallet
The users of the platform are aware that the Luxcore wallet just like the Explorer has been going through continuous development. The team is working on the development of the iOS and android versions of the proof of stake wallets. The latest release features face and fingerprint authentication.
Other new features expected for the Luxcore wallet by Q3 of 2019 are price monitoring and push notification enabling users to effectively manage their own portfolios.
The Lux QT wallet which has become popular will undergo more development with a dark version proposed. Other improvements planned for the Luxcore blockchain are integration with Snorr digital signatures planned for Q2. This will enhance transaction privacy and security as well as simplify on-chain data saving 25% bandwidth.
A graphical address visualize is planned for Q4 with the aim of encouraging adoption. A new zero knowledge protocol would be adopted strengthening immutability of transactions. The ZKP works by showing evidence that the data exists without revealing the data itself.

Whitepaper 3.0

These updates and the accomplishments of the past months will be part of the Luxcore whitepaper 3.0 which is scheduled for Q2. The community has shown enthusiasm towards the peer to peer platform.
After months of work, the alpha version of LuxGate would be available for launch in Q2 with release and debugging of the restricted features. The beta version will come on board by Q3.
Visit Luxcore website for more info: https://luxcore.io