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Luxcore officially announces its future roadmap for 2020

By Inkarias - 2019-11-25

LuxCore is open source blockchain solution that includes a POW /MN consensus algorithm with the algorithm PHI1612 and a network of masternodes, with smart contracts and segwit possibilities. Luxcore team has always been on top of innovative features with the vision around the project and recently shared the new objectives for the team during the next year.

The different milestones have been divided in 4 parts to organize the work:

The first quarter of 2020 will be focused on bringing some improvements to existing elements while adding new features and expanding the brand. The team will launch the incubating incentive program, in order to bring rewards with that event and attract more users. Two major steps for the 1st quarter are the integration into multi-currency wallets and the launch of the marketing campaign which will last during the entire year.
The rest of tasks for this period includes technical upgrades such as the codebase upgrade to 0.19, LuxEdge visual/architecture with decentralized file systems and parallel masternodes back to production (these two features will be implemented during Q2). The 2nd quarter will be oriented toward the upgrade of smart contract to x86 version with some LuxGate optimizations and further development on LuxEdge. The Luxcore official DAPP is planned to be revealed during Q2. Then the team will officially launch LuxEdge in beta and Lux Web3 during Q3 2020. The Luxcore will receive two additional technical features with the integration of Schnorr signature for the products and ZK proofs for smart contracts. After adding the currency to multi-currency wallets, the team also wishes to integrate it into well-known hardware solutions such as Trezor or ledger.
Finally, the last quarter will be focused on several milestones such as the creation of Luxcore technology board, LuxEdge official release, Taproot integration and enhanced marketing efforts.
More details on this roadmap at https://luxcore.io/en/roadmap