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Luxcore Web Wallet Update

By RafaƂ - 2019-11-07

During April 2018, the core team of Lux had launched the first Proof-of-Stake web wallet that not only allowed users to safely store and manage their LUX, but also provided 24/7 staking in a secure way. This feature was launched as a free service to LUX holders, but it has been an ongoing expense for the LuxCore group. In order to continue to provide 24/7 staking to the thousands of users who utilize the service, the team has shared that it will be mandatory to input a nominal fee to cover the different expenses. This major announcement is mainly tied to the increasing popularity and usage of LUX as a large network of stakers requires a constant attention and the integration of additional servers to support the operations.

A monthly fee to stake

Beginning on December 7, 2019, the Proof-of-Stake web wallet will become a paid service with a monthly fee of $1.5 USD. The payment will be automatically deducted at the first of each month (LUX payment will be calculated based on the USD price at the time). Switching to a paid service model will allow LuxCore team to increase overall performances and to continue development to make the wallet even better, improving users experience. The team also aims to devote some development resources to improve the UX and to introduce various upgrades. The different users are invited to share their feedback about any aspect of the wallet or to report any issues they have. These changes will ensure the sustainability of the project in the long run while optimizing the focus of the different resources to improve Lux ecosystem and satisfy the entire community.
More information on the official website at https://luxcore.io