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Luxcore will release Luxgate Beta v1.1.0

By Inkarias - 2019-11-27

LuxGate enables direct peer-to-peer trades without the necessity of any trusted or centralized third-party to act as an escrow service. Not only does LuxGate decentralize trade agreements, but the architecture itself is distributed through at least as many nodes as there are traders connected to the software. LuxGate has no centralized points of control or failure, built upon the resilience and immutability of blockchain technology. LuxCore is considering Luxgate as a great solution to reach general adoption with a state-of-the-art technology. This technology will allow validated blockchains to communicate with each other, creating a constructive bridge for various blockchains (The possibilities are almost unlimited and depends on the different blockchains) to engage with each other in numerous ways. LuxGate enables the interaction with centralized organizations such as banking institutions with the Parallel Masternodes private network. The team has announced that Luxgate v.1.1.0 Beta was complete and was improved to fix several bugs found and identified by the beta testers. This version will be available for the Beta test group tomorrow and the different participants will be able to test all the features associated with the decentralized exchange.


#Luxgate Beta v.1.1.0 is complete and squashes several bugs our testers have identified. This version will be available for the Beta test group tomorrow. We are excited about the progress and as you've seen, there is quite the demand for a true decentralized exchange! $LUX pic.twitter.com/PwulDXz4kR

— LUXCORE (@LUX_COIN) November 26, 2019

A large potential

LuxGate is built on a solid architecture and is completely decentralized. In a majority of so called DEX, only several features are decentralized and can only be compared to hybrid exchange. LuxGate at the opposite, will have zero downtime, is designed to be immune to DDoS attacks and offers limitless network capacity. When centralized exchanges sag under network load amid heightened demand, LuxGate can guarantee and ensure a complete accessibility at all time. With the Parallel Masternodes feature built on i2pd Technology and SAM Protocol, companies, businesses or users have the possibility to create third-party applications on top of the blockchain.

More details on this release at https://luxcore.io/