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MasterNodes.Pro upcoming one-click hosting platform

By Rafał - 2019-06-11

Since the arrival of projects based on a network of masternodes, it has become difficult to centralize information on the various possible investments and on the associated statistics.
MasterNodes.Pro was founded in July 2017 to fill that important void in the exciting frontier of Masternode statistical analysis. After a remarkable success in the crypto-sphere, the team of MasterNodes.Pro has announced in its latest MNP Talk hosted by MNP Jason the upcoming arrival of its one-click hosting platform to offer new services related to masternodes projects.
MasterNodes.Pro team have worked with a couple YouTube crypto influencers to bring a hosting platform on the number one leading site for masternodes statistics. In this MNP Talk, Jason offers an explanatory demonstration of the platform and the possibilities that will be available to users of MasterNodes.Pro very soon.
The interface for users is simple and light, allowing to see directly the different important statistics on user’s dashboard. It will be possible to know the number of masternodes online or offline, what is the total income generated by the different masternodes, the total cost of monthly hosting for your own masternodes as well as the current balance in order to be able to finance the monthly costs of the platform for hosting some masternodes.
With the official release, users will be able to start a masternode in one click . The rest of the dashboard will allow to consult all the masternodes owned with all the details and information on the node and the associated currency, the address, the date of commissioning, the total income collected, as well as the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly ROI to give the masternodes owners the opportunity to have a quick overview of what they own and offer a simplified management of these masternodes. The user can also start or stop the masternodes of his choice whenever he wants.
The MNP team doesn't offload any of their systems to any third party. Users won't have to worry about Amazon AWS or vulture having issues or on any other competitors hosting platform. To that extent, MNP as a leader in the field of statistics will be able to react and ensure the best experience for users, and quickly react if urgent need arises.
By offering this one-click hosting service, MNP wish to build the masternode hub of websites with his community.
You can learn more about them at https://masternodes.pro/statistics